Uwe Baumann


Dissertation Project

Destination #spomenik. Curations of Difficult Heritage and Popular Representations of Decay

This dissertation project sheds light on how difficult heritage is shaped into destinations through contemporary media practices. How accesses and valences that result precisely from the popular interest in decay, vacancy and its aesthetics is in the foreground of the research interest. The subject of this study are monuments erected in the former Yugoslavia to commemorate Second World War events. In the course of the disintegration of the multi-ethnic state, many of its representative buildings and memorials became difficult heritage sites, experienced destruction and vandalism, or appeared underused and neglected for decades. It is precisely in this state that the modernist and brutalist monuments became a trending topic on the internet from around 2010, circulating ever since under the hashtag ‘Spomenik’. In Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, the term simply means monument, but it has inculcated itself in the international context as a recurring label for Yugoslav monuments, which have become popular destinations for niche tourism as their online popularity has increased.  Desolate condition combined with particular architectural design and a “dark” past have since made these architectures exceptional destinations for travel modes such as Urban Exploration and Dark Tourism. These practices of travel and aesthetics are linked to diverse curation projects, locally and internationally, that harness valences primarily formed through media practices for tourism development and the communication of history in relation to these buildings. The ethnography (on-site and digital) focuses on examples in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, in the spirit of critical heritage studies, explores in particular tensions that arise from this development: Who “owns” cultural heritage? How “should” it be represented? Are these places of remembrance merely commodified, de-contextualized and turned into a façade for tourist self-presentations, or is the development an expression of dynamic cultures of remembrance and cosmopolitan aestheticizations in a globally networked present?


Uwe Baumann worked as a research assistant in the departments for Eastern European History and German Literature at the University of Constance between 2017 and 2018, and at the Institute for Advanced Study, Constance, in 2016. For his master thesis, he undertook field research in South Tyrol, Italy, in 2017. His interdisciplinary master’s programme “Studies in European Culture” at the University of Constance included a semester at UC Berkeley (2016) as well as a research trip to Budapest and Szeged, Hungary, with IVDE Freiburg in 2016. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and History at the University of Freiburg in 2015, with an exchange semester at the University of Basel (EUCOR-programme). Throughout his studies, Uwe Baumann worked as a research assistant at IVDE Freiburg between 2014 and 2015, and as a teaching assistant at the University of Freiburg between 2013 and 2014. In 2014, he also attended the DAAD-Summer School “BiH between the East and the West” at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is a PhD candidate within the research group “New Travel – New Media” since November 2018 and undertook his practical phase in the editorial department “travel and leisure” of the newspaper “Badische Zeitung” (Freiburg, 2020). 


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  • University of Freiburg (10.5.2013): Architecture, Culture and Confrontation – The Hotel ‘Paradiso del Cevedaleas a Symbol of Fascist Italianisation in South Tyrol. (Workshop at the DGV student conference).

Media Representations

  • Bernhard, Dunja: Die Faszination des Morbiden. Der Freiburger Kulturanthropologe Uwe Baumann sprach in der Freudenstädter „Waldlust“ über Lost Places als neue Tourismusziele, in: Neckar-Chronik (20.07.2022).
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  • Baumann, Uwe: Gibt es nichts Besseres als den Urlaub? [Interview with Valentin Groebner], in: Badische Zeitung (06.09.2020).


  • Bachelor’s Course for the module  „Deepening of cultural anthropological concepts and theories“: „Ethnizität. Identitätsangebot – Konfliktpotential – ökonomische Ressource“ with Dr. Tilman Kasten, Winter Term 2022/2023.
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  • Bachelors Course for the module “Anthropology of space”: “Umstrittene Räume. Raumkulturforschung in der digitalisieren Welt”, Winter term 2020/2021.
  • Tutorial for the lecture “Methods of Qualitative Social Research” at the University of Freiburg, Summer terms 2014 and 2015.


  • International Society for Ethnology and Folklore / Société Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF)
  • Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft Empirische Kulturwissenschaften (dgekw) 
  • Gesellschaft für Europäische Ethnologie Freiburg (GEEF)