Dr. Anna Karina Sennefelder

Coordinator and Postdoc


Inga Wilke


PhD Students:

Uwe Baumann

Uwe Baumann

Project: Destination #spomenik. Curations of Difficult Heritage and Popular Representations of Decay

Tanja Kapp

Project: Travel Zines And New Psychogeographies: Walking British Spaces In Self-Published Media

Mirja Riggert

Project: Gender on the Road: Media Representations of Female Identities in Travel Blogs

Ruth Weiand

Project: „Small and fine mountaineering villages“ – Policy of Sustainability in Alpine Tourism

Nora Winsky

Project: Tourism Worlds On- and Offline: On the Mediatisation of Tourist Practices in Freiburg and the Black Forest Region

Gisela Zimmermann

Project: Pilgrimage in the age of digital communication